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Meet The Author

My writing career started out 23 years ago. I’ve been a ghostwriter for over 23 years. I started my Author journey back in 2017, by writing a Memoir. My Memoir is titled, “I was Supposed to be Nothing”. It took me about 8 months to write my 1st book. I Self Published it in 2018. It can be found at and it’s also available on I’ve written different material such as: essays, business website information, adult books, wedding vows, a memoir, obituaries, newspaper articles, assisted with song writing, resumes, and speeches. I recently started my writing journey as a Children’s book Author. I started writing children’s books April of 2023-August 2023, in which the series of The Adventures of Zuriloveland was created. Even though the children’s books are primarily catered to ages 0-3, my hopes is that those from all ages will thoroughly enjoy them. I would like to tap into most if not all genres of literature. I’ve Self Published a total of 12 books, in which all of them I’ve written. My Self Publishing journey started in 2018. I have a passion and deep love for other artistry including: music, painting, modeling, crafts, and making natural skin and hair care.

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Meet Zuri

What will Zuri explore next? She is a toddler enjoying fun activities and adventures all around her. Come along and see what she will learn. Zuri likes to do exciting activities with her family around her neighborhood. What activities and adventures do you like to do with your family and friends? Hopefully you'll join in all the fun as you explore these activities with Zuri during The Adventures of Zuriloveland series!

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